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Chiropractic treatment techniques have been around since the late 1800s. It is a comprehensive medicine approach that utilizes manual therapy, including spinal and soft tissue manipulation, to relieve pain and improve mobility. It is generally a cost-effective treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. At RejuvenX Spine and Joint Chiropractic Center in Port Charlotte, our skilled chiropractors help you decide if our chiropractic services are right for you. Some of the chiropractic services we specialize in include injections to relieve pain in your neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees and other parts of your body.

You can easily find our chiropractic center in Port Charlotte, right next to the Cove of Rotonda Golf Center near Kevitt Blvd on S Access Rd. We also see patients from the nearby communities of East Englewood, Charlotte Harbor, North Port and Warm Mineral Spring Florida areas.

Common Uses for Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic medicine is an excellent therapeutic choice for patients who are seeking pain relief without the use of prescription or over the counter pain medication. While not everyone can benefit from seeing a chiropractor, for those who do, it can be a truly life changing therapy. Seeing a chiropractor can help with neck and back pain, headaches, as well as arthritis and joint pain. If you are suffering from any of these, a visit to RejuvenX Spine and Joint Chiropractic Center in West Bradenton may be just what you need to start feeling better!

Patients feel the benefits of chiropractic medicine best when they receive adjustments that are specific to their body and their needs. At RejuvenX Spine and Joint Chiropractic Center in West Bradenton, you will always be treated with compassion and respect when you visit our office and we will take the time to get to know you, your body, and your individual concerns to ensure we can provide you with the best therapeutic services. Our chiropractors offer a wide range of evaluation and testing services that enable us to provide you with the best possible chiropractic treatment.

Sciatica is a common problem addressed by chiropractic intervention. Active manipulations by a skilled chiropractor can help minimize the number of days you suffer from back pain and sciatica when you see a chiropractor regularly. Chiropractic manipulation can also be very beneficial to office workers who suffer from neck and back pain as a result of sitting at a desk. Our chiropractors can offer practical tips for improving your posture as well, helping to maintain the healthy alignment you can achieve during your office visits.

If you are athletic or lead a very active lifestyle, incorporating chiropractic medicine may be beneficial. Many professional athletes use a chiropractor to help them stay healthy and improve their physical performance. Consistent and high-quality chiropractic care can enhance your body’s everyday functions, increase mobility, and support recovery by relieving muscle tension. For patients who are constantly pushing their bodies to their physical limit, taking some time to discuss any pain or tension you might have with our licensed chiropractor can make a big difference in your quality of life every single day.

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If you are seeking freedom from pain and think that seeing a chiropractor may be right for you, call our nearby RejuvenX Spine and Joint Chiropractic Center in Fort Myers today or schedule an appointment online. Our dedicated and knowledgeable chiropractors can help decide if chiropractic adjustment may be beneficial for you and your body. We have 5 convenient offices located in Royal Palm Beach, Pt. Charlotte, Bradenton, Fort Myers, and West Palm Beach, and look forward to helping you and your loved ones live a life free from chronic pain.

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