When Should I See a Doctor?

Book a consultation with us if you experience numbness, tingling, pain, weakness, and burning sensations mostly in the hands and feet. If you frequently feel the sensation of pins and needles call us as soon as possible.

What Makes Your Treatment Different?

At RejuvenX, our unique treatment is specially made for patients seeking immediate relief, non-invasive procedures, and long-lasting results without the complications of harmful medications, traditional surgery, and less effective laser treatments.

How Do I Qualify for the Treatment?

We offer an initial consultation to determine your eligibility for the treatment. During the consultation, we will look at your medical history and perform a thorough physical examination. We determine whether you have small or large nerve fiber damage and assign a neuropathy score. We also give you a comprehensive overview of the treatment program and provide detailed answers for all questions you might have. We will then schedule a follow-up visit after our doctors have assessed your file. We will review our examination findings with you, and if you are a qualified candidate, we will develop a customized treatment. Book an appointment now!

Can I Learn More About Your Team?

RejuvenX comprises a dedicated team of highly skilled health practitioners, doctors, and skilled support staff. They are committed to providing our clients with exceptional treatment and quality care. Our patients are special to us, and this is why our cutting-edge treatment is tailored to their individual needs.

Is This Treatment Effective?

To ensure a nerve responds to treatment, the experts at RejuvenX must affect it across different planes: functional, systemic, biological, muscular, and neurological. In order to achieve this, we use various types of technologies and certain nutrients – which are all effective in healing the nerves and factors that influence nerve function across all planes mentioned above. This makes our treatment highly effective!

How Long does the Treatment Take?

Since every patient is different, we will personalize your treatment plan to match your goals and requirements. The type of treatment we recommend will also be based on the extent of nerve damage and level of pain. Typically, we place every patient on brief 2-5 week programs where you come for one, or maybe two sessions a week. This means you typically attend a max of 10 treatments that last 35-45 minutes each.

Does The Treatment Hurt? What Does It Feel Like?

This treatment doesn’t hurt at all! We use highly advanced techniques that make our patients comfortable. Our treatment stimulates nerve regeneration and allows for the numbness and pain to disappear naturally.

Will the Treatment Work for my Type of Nerve Pain?

Yes! This treatment offers successful outcomes for many types of neuropathy conditions. Some conditions will not improve and for that reason, it is imperative to have a consultation to determine if you are a candidate and we can help you. Our treatments will work great for your tingling, burning sensation, or painful symptoms. The only thing you will lose when you try out this unique treatment by RejuvenX are your symptoms!

How Soon will I Start to See Results?

Before opting for this treatment, you need to keep in mind that every patient is different. The prominence of treatment results depends on the level of pain, numbness and tingling and the extent of nerve damage. However, most of our patients report experiencing relief after the first one or two sessions.