How Many Chiropractic Sessions Do You Need Following An Auto Accident?

How Many Chiropractic Sessions Do You Need Following An Auto Accident?
Most of us are used to going to a hospital or clinic to seek medical help, and they normally only require a handful of visits. It may then seem daunting to have to consider visiting your chiropractor every few days over a long time. However, visiting a chiropractor is essential for mitigating any possible symptoms. Without this, you might run the risk of having long-term consequences such as chronic pain or permanent damage to mobility. Here’s a general guide of what to expect when consulting a chiropractor following an auto accident.

When to Start your Chiropractic Sessions?

At what point do you engage a chiropractor? People generally seek medical help after they notice symptoms. However, it is important to note that there can be hidden injuries caused by the trauma of the incident and some symptoms can take up to a month to appear. On top of this, most insurance policyholders have around two weeks to see a doctor for a physical examination, after which any medical claims may be denied. As such, it is important to see a chiropractor to get a proper check-up both for documentation, as well as to make sure you do not suffer permanent consequences following your car accident.

How Many Sessions will you Need?

It is very important to note here that different injuries of different severity will require different sessions, depending on both the needed frequency as well as treatment type. The chiropractor needs to first perform necessary testing such as x-rays and muscle function testing before they provide a detailed diagnosis of what injuries you might have and the best treatment plan you will need. After which, they may recommend an auto accident aftercare treatment plan if necessary.

Another important thing to note is that the body will heal after an auto accident and therefore change as well. This means that the type of treatment will also need to change and chiropractors would need to adjust accordingly. This means that the regularity of sessions may reduce over time, dropping from every few days, to monthly and maybe even stopping entirely. If you have chronic pain or a condition like whiplash, your chiropractor will generally advise you to visit every few days. Whereas if you have minor muscle fatigue, then the chiropractor might only recommend you visit a couple of times, or maybe even refer you to a therapist specializing in massages.

Everyone’s body is different and recovers at a different rate, it is, therefore, most important to listen to your body and what it needs. If you have any concerns, let your chiropractor know and request a shift in treatment plan accordingly.

When should I Stop Having Sessions?

This differs on a case-by-case basis. If you have a chronic injury, it could be likely that you will require lifetime support to manage pain and your mobility. However, some people can also achieve full recovery. Some people even continue chiropractic sessions after recovery as a wellness activity. This will ultimately depend on your health goals, recovery speed as well as when you feel comfortable ending your treatment.

Chiropractors customize sessions according to each patient’s needs, preferences, and health goals. There is no one size fits all treatment plan and the best way is to get in contact with a chiropractic center for a solution that suits you.


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