Knee Pain Treatment in Port Charlotte FL

For patients with chronic knee pain, it can be difficult to get through the day. Our knees are an integral joint in our bodies, as they help us do everything from sitting, standing, and crouching down to get the things we need out of the cabinets or under our sink. When our knees hurt, it can make every moment and movement a struggle. At RejuvenX Spine and Joint Chiropractic Center in Port Charlotte FL, we are proud to offer treatment plans that target knee pain and help you heal from injury or surgery in order to find a life free from pain.

Visit us. You can easily find our chiropractic center in Port Charlotte, right next to the Cove of Rotonda Golf Center near Kevitt Blvd on S Access Rd.  We also see patients from the nearby communities of East Englewood, Charlotte Harbor, North Port and Warm Mineral Spring Florida areas.

What are the causes of knee pain?

The causes of knee pain are as varied as the people we treat. Knee pain can result from overuse of the joint, scar tissue from a previous injury, surgical interventions, arthritis, and much more. At RejuvenX Spine and Joint Chiropractic Port Charlotte, we focus on properly diagnosing the exact causes of your knee pain in order to move forward with a targeted treatment plan. We provide x-rays, muscle function testing, pharmacogenetic testing, neurological evaluations, and orthopedic evaluations in order to understand your individual knee pain.

What knee pain treatment options do you offer in Port Charlotte?

At RejuvenX Spine and Joint Chiropractic, we believe in offering a wide range of pain management services, so that we can offer exactly what our patients need to achieve the pain relief they need to live a fuller and healthier life. We are proud to offer laser therapy, neuropathy, postural rehab, and chiropractic services, balance treatments, sarapin injections, and other pain relief treatments that can help our patients find the relief they deserve. If you have tried everything you can think of to relieve your knee pain without success, it may be time to speak with a professional. The chiropractic doctors at RejuvenX have a wide breadth of experience that allows them to provide expert insight into your pain, its causes, and the best potential treatments. Let our depth of professional understanding work for you.

Is RejuvenX Spine and Joint Chiropractic Port Charlotte the right place for me?

At RejuvenX, we prioritize the individual needs of our patients. We truly believe that we offer the very best knee pain treatments in the Port Charlotte area Near North Port because we are dedicated to delivering customized treatment strategies that are designed to target the unique needs of every patient. Our chiropractors do not believe in providing a paint by numbers approach to healthcare, instead choosing to focus on your personal experiences, so we can better develop a treatment protocol that can provide you with the knee pain relief you need to live your best life. If you are tired of visiting doctor’s offices that seem more focused on the number of patients they treat than the quality of the care they deliver, RejuvenX would love the opportunity to show you what personalized pain treatment can look like.

If you or a loved one needs treatment for knee pain, trust the experienced chiropractors at RejuvenX in Port Charlotte, FL. Our dedicated staff and team of doctors are available to help you understand your knee pain and develop the right treatment plan for you. We want to help our patients live a life free from knee pain and believe in providing every person we treat with the personalized attention and care they need to find the pain relief they deserve. Call RejuvenX in Port Charlotte to schedule your appointment today.


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