Dr. Natalya Sharpe | RejuvenX

About me

Dr. Natalya Sharpe has always loved people and so her desire for helping others started at a young age.

She was born and raised in Miami, Fl with her family who on her mom’s side were Cuban and on her father’s side was African American a very diverse point of view. The diversity that she experienced so young gave her tools to connect with people in a very unique way.  She developed this connection to people and it showed her how to have empathy for all people and her desire to help others increased as she saw the language barriers her family endured on a daily basis.

She started volunteering at the University of Miami medical centers orthopedic department since she was about 12 years old. She has always found herself fascinated with the intelligence of the human body.

When she started college at Bethune-Cookman University it was very easy for her to find herself as a Biology Pre-med major. It was here she learned that she did not want to just be a regular doctor that prescribed medications after the fact. She wanted more; perhaps get to the patients before they needed the medication. It was as a junior in college where she fell in love with chiropractic care or as she describes it, Preventative Medicine.

She then went on to Palmer School of chiropractic to further her education and continue on her path to serve and help others. She graduated in 2010 and was on the dean’s list for the entire duration of school.  She found herself volunteering for a mission trip to Vietnam where she treated over 300 patients. This deepened her empathy and gave her the drive and motivation to service all mankind.