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At RejuvenX Spine and Joint Chiropractic Port Charlotte FL, our experienced back pain doctor can offer testing and treatment services that are designed to reduce your pain and help you live a better life. Back pain can have a broad impact on your daily life. Whether you spend your days sitting at a desk, or up on your feet, your spine is an important part of your body. When it comes to your neck and back, you want to ensure you receive the very best treatments possible to help reduce pain and ensure a healthy spine.

Come visit us. You can easily find our chiropractic center in Port Charlotte, East Englewood, right next to the Cove of Rotonda Golf Center near Kevitt Blvd on S Access Rd.  Our back pain doctors see patients from the nearby community of Charlotte Harbor, and we’re only a short drive via FL-776/ El Jobean Rd from North Port and Warm Mineral Spring Florida areas.

What can I expect at my RejuvenX Spine and Joint Chiropractic Port Charlotte appointment?

At RejuvenX, we believe it is essential to properly assess your body fully before we work with you to decide on a back pain treatment plan customized for your exact needs. Your first visit will include a total-body examination that will give your back pain doctor a complete view of your current situation, so they can help you decide on your next steps. Your exam will consist of a complete medical history, verification of insurance, consultation regarding the specifics of the pain you are experiencing in your neck and back, and x-rays if necessary.

After my initial consultation with the back pain doctor, what is the next step?

Following your first appointment, the back pain doctor at RejuvenX Spine and Joint Chiropractic in Port Charlotte will review your case in order to fully understand your unique situation. We believe this is an especially important step in your medical care. If you want to ensure you receive the highest level of care, it is important to allow time for your providers to assess the results of your consultation and develop a better understanding of what techniques and back pain relief treatments will work best for you. We understand this can be a frustrating process, as you wait for another appointment, but we never want to rush into a treatment that may not be beneficial. Your second appointment will provide you with important information including an expected treatment plan and information regarding what your insurance is able to cover.

Can a chiropractor really provide relief for my back pain?

Chiropractic care can offer exceptional relief for patients with neck and back problems that will not only improve your quality of life, but can increase mobility and help you be a better you. In addition to providing relief you can truly feel, our back pain doctors can also offer x-rays that provide visual proof that conditions have improved. At RejuvenX, we take your health and wellness seriously and we strive to offer treatments that can really improve your neck and back problems. We are dedicated to delivering customized care that provides relief for your individual situation. Our providers understand that no two bodies are alike, so we believe that there is no one size fits all approach to care for neck and back pain. Don’t waste your time visiting a doctor who cannot provide you with the time and attention you need to achieve a healthy spine and more comfortable alignment.

If you are looking for an office who can provide exceptional relief for your neck and back pain, call the back pain doctors in Port Charlotte at RejuvenX or simply book an appointment online! Let our experienced doctors and medical staff offer you the exceptional care and proven pain relief you deserve to start living your best life now.


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