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For nearly a decade, the Chiropractors at RejuvenX Spine and Joint Chiropractic Pain Clinics have helped patients relieve chronic back and disk pain, migraines and headaches, shoulder, knee and hip pain.  We also treat individuals who suffer from auto accident injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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RejuvenX is a natural medical clinic unlike any other in the area! We live and breathe hard work and dedication, and we possess an undying committment to serve our patients as best as possible. After years of hard work, we introduced a physical medicine and rehabilitation clinic that is a training center for many other medical professionals throughout the country!! To learn more about any of our staff members, continue on and read their bios.

Recover Your Health

As a radio talk show host, and guest of radio and television programs, Dr Joseph inspires thousands of suffering individuals each year with his unprecedented ideas on wellness, health recovery, and service. His remarkable approach for total health and wellbeing are the foundation to his thriving local chiropractic pain clinics in Port Charlotte, FL. His strongest premise is to build health by finding the cause and remove older failing methodologies of treating symptoms and disease. Dr Joseph’s love for his patients is what shaped the cutting edge healthcare found at RejuvenX Spine and Joint Chiropractic Pain Clinics in Florida and encouraged him to develop the attainable, four step methods that are found in Dr. Joseph’s ground breaking book, Recover Your Health.

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Implement RejuvenX’s Health Recovery System Into Your Life and You’ll Receive Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
Our personal promise is that we stand behind all services and products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Remember, turning your health around or making significant lifestyle improvements require commitment from both you and us. You have a full commitment from our entire team. YOU are our top priority!
We will always treat you with dignity and respect and expect the same in return. Results require handling difficult health issues and we will stand behind all our patients—100%. One of our top goals for each patient is that your financial investment at RejuveX creates a favorable health return.

We guarantee it!

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Dr. Jeremiah Joseph

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