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Common Car Accident Injuries & Their Symptoms

You may find yourself in pain due to the injuries you have sustained as a result of a car accident. Sometimes, this pain and soreness may only begin to show up in the days or weeks after. Regardless of when you first started experiencing them, the wisest course of action is to engage a pain management doctor when the need arises. In this article, we’ll share with you some common car accident injuries as well as their potential symptoms.


One of the most common injuries sustained after a car accident is whiplash. The worst part is that you may not experience symptoms until days or weeks after the accident. This can be due to the shock that your body has gone through. Whiplash occurs when your body is propelled forward by the force of the impact, causing your neck or spinal bones to misalign. Symptoms you may experience include muscle soreness, difficulty turning your neck, insomnia and more.

Herniated Disc

When the vertebrae in your spine ruptures or gets shifted out of place, the result is a herniated disc. If you experience any pain or discomfort in your back, neck or spine, get it checked out immediately. Left untreated, it can cause permanent nerve damage and loss of muscle control, potentially even disability.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are one thing to always take seriously. You can suffer a head injury from the impact of hitting your head against the steering wheel or airbag. Without timely treatment, there could be serious consequences that include a potential loss of cognitive function, affecting the way you live your life in future. If you experience frequent headaches, nausea, fatigue or loss of consciousness, you could have a head injury you may not be aware of. Make it a point to seek out medical attention as soon as you suspect something is wrong.

Open Wounds, Scrapes and Cuts

Unfortunately, scrapes and cuts are all too common after a car accident. They can be a result of broken glass or objects hitting you at full force. If you have any open wounds, ensure that timely medical attention is received. You may need to pay a visit to the ER if the wounds are more serious and cannot be treated onsite.

Broken Bones

When fracture or broken bone is sustained, a trip to the hospital is on the cards. Most broken bones take several months to heal properly, and you should avoid placing additional stress on the affected area or overworking yourself during this time.

RejuvenX Can Provide You with Car Accident Aftercare Services

If you require car accident aftercare services, RejuvenX is the right place to be. Never underestimate the severity of your symptoms and injuries following a car accident. For peace of mind, you should always seek out medical attention if you suspect there are side effects or as soon as a problem becomes obvious. This will also ensure that you are within the stipulated timeframe for making an insurance claim, if necessary. To schedule an appointment with our experienced physicians, therapists and/or chiropractors in Florida, please contact us today.

Disclaimer: No information on this article is purposive to substitute professional medical diagnosis, treatment or advice.