Is it Normal To Feel Sore After Chiropractic Adjustment?

After going for a chiropractic session, you may feel sore and wonder if it is a common experience. The short answer is yes, it is expected that you would experience soreness after chiropractic adjustment. In fact, it is very normal to experience this, however the reason varies from person to person. If you would like to find out why, take a look at the possible reasons listed below.

Understimulated Muscles are Roused

The initial adjustment is one of the very first steps in your treatment plan. As mentioned, it normal for patients to experience soreness after the adjustment. It is similar to exercising. When you perform the same exercises, you make use of particular muscles of the body while others are not used. After a correction, you are stimulating the inactive muscle groups in order to restore balance in your body. It is expected that this will cause some short-term soreness in the muscles after a correction.

Overstimulated Muscles are Balanced

When balance is being restored to muscle use, the muscles that may be overstimulated will be less frequently used. Therefore, you might not feel a soreness in these sets of overactive muscles. Instead, you are more likely to experience relief for the overactive muscle groups after a correction. Even though some soreness may be experienced in these muscles, the main bulk of the soreness comes from the understimulated muscles that are now more frequently used.

Your Body is Adjusting to Proper Alignments

It is natural for your body to want to be in alignment. Just like going to the dentist to get braces, the adjustment and alignment makes your mouth sore. Getting your spine aligned is similar to that process of getting braces. Your body is used to being out of alignment so once it is changed and aligned, the soreness is to be expected. Thus, it is key to keep to your recommended treatment plan for proper long-term correction.

You Have Been in Misalignment for a Long Time

You may not feel pain while experiencing this misalignment because your body might have adapted to the misalignment. But just because you do not experience pain from misalignment, it does not mean that there is no harm to the body. The longer the misalignment lasts for, the more likely you will experience soreness.

Suggestions for Soreness After Chiropractic Adjustment

As seen, there are many reasons for soreness after correction. It will probably last for about one to two days. The best way to treat soreness is by applying moist heat to your sore muscles, allowing them to relax. Another way is to take an Epson salt bath which helps your muscles relax before bed. Follow your chiropractor’s tips and instructions for handling soreness.

Check out this article to learn about the things to do after going for your chiropractic session, which will help maximize the effectiveness of your treatment. Do take care and be gentle with yourself during the time after a chiropractic adjustment!