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Chiropractic Care Has Many Benefits For Seniors

Chiropractic care has been around for over 100 years, and seniors have always been a target demographic for chiropractic care. This is because chiropractic care often addresses common issues that ageing seniors will generally face. Seniors are prone to a decrease in flexibility, stiffness, brittle bones, joint degeneration, poor balance, arthritis and so on. By consulting a chiropractor regularly, treatment can help to assist and enhance the daily lives of seniors in multiple different ways. Read on to find out more about the specific benefits of chiropractic care for seniors.

Immune System and Overall Health

One key specialization of chiropractic care is proper spinal alignment, and there are good reasons for it. When one’s spine is properly aligned, circulation in the body is increased, which will in turn assist to clear out toxins in the body. This means that the brain can communicate better with all areas of the body, allowing the immune system to repair the body effectively. In fact, a study done by Dr. Pero found that patients that underwent chiropractic care over the period of five years or more were found to have a 200% greater level of immune competence as compared to those who had not received chiropractic care.

Increased Mobility

Mobility is undoubtedly one of the key problem seniors tend to face. A limited range of motion restricts one from participating in their favorite activities, and this can be frustrating to seniors. It is inarguable that enhanced mobility would help seniors live life more comfortably. Chiropractic care improves flexibility, aligns the joints, as well as to alleviate muscle tightness.

Muscle Coordination

Chiropractic care can enhance muscle coordination abilities. Coordination problems often stem from injuries or abnormalities at the neck area (cervical spine) Chiropractic care simulations joint receptors at that specific area, which helps to normalize the function of the joint receptor, which controls coordination and balance.

Increased Balance

Speaking of balance, damage caused to the cervical spine is also known to be a common culprit to impair the balance of seniors. Ageing would unavoidably impair mechanoreceptor functions and cause a decrease in the sense of body awareness. That would then cause body positioning to be impaired, and the patient will grow to be increasingly reliant on vision to identify the location of their own limb. With weaker bone structure, it is extremely dangerous for seniors to fall. Therefore, balance is an issue that cannot be overlooked. Chiropractic treatment aims to avoid the possibility of a senior falling by strengthening specific muscle groups.

Decreased Joint Degeneration

A misaligned spine causes the spines itself to wear out at a much faster rate. That is why it is extremely important for seniors to get their spine aligned periodically. Chiropractic treatment decreases the rate of spinal degeneration as well as arthritic changes through spinal alignment and exercises to reduce spinal stress.

What to Consider Before Visiting a Chiropractor

Before choosing a chiropractor, many people usually want to first talk to the chiropractor either by way of phone or email. This is essential for patients to understand the chiropractor’s expertise and approach. If you are planning your first visit to the chiropractor, we would be more than happy to help. Here at RejuvenX, a team of highly trained professionals are able to guide you to the next steps ahead in your treatment journey. Contact us to find out more now!