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Chiropractic Care Can Help With “Tech Neck”

In this modern world of technology, we are often glued to the screens of our phones, tablets, and laptops. Research shows that on average, a person uses their phone for almost three hours per day.

Take some time to look at your phone right now. Take note of what happens to your neck when you do so. Your neck enters into flexion, where the normal C-shaped curve is reversed, resulting in the pulling of your neck. Your spine bends and your shoulders hunch. Your head is not held aligned over your body but it is bent forward, leading to strain on your neck, shoulders and back. Staying in this position for more than 20 minutes results in harmful stress on the muscles, joints, and discs. The pressure on the joints puts pressure on nerves, discs, and muscles. Tightness in the muscles lead to stiffness and pain in various areas and can even cause headaches.

If left untreated, tech neck can result in long-term damage of the spinal cord, involving negative side effects of spasms in the shoulders, headaches, tingling in the hands, arthritis and smaller lung capacity. Tech neck can be avoided with preventative measures and can be cured with chiropractic care.

Symptoms of Tech Neck

  • Shoulder pain/tightness
  • Back or neck pain when using a phone
  • Headaches
  • Tingling or numbness of hands or arms

How to Prevent Tech Neck

  • Be aware of your posture.
    Avoid hunching over when using phones, tablets or laptops. Try the lumbar hack by placing a towel or a sweatshirt between your lower back and the chair, which will support the lumbar spine.
  • Position Your Devices at Eye Level
    Ideally, you can make use of a standing worktable. It helps to keep your spine straighter than if you were sitting down. If not, elevate your laptop using a monitor stand to maintain it at eye level. This stops your head from bending over, preventing neck flexion.
  • Take Breaks
    Take breaks every once in a while throughout the day. Stand up from the desk and stretch. Set reminders at regular intervals to take these short breaks. One of the best ways to prevent tech neck is to create a quick stretching routine.
  • Low impact exercise
    Exercise like yoga and Pilates can help your body rebound from the effects of using technology. Many poses lengthens the muscles and realigns your body.

Regular Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is proven to prevent tech neck and other painful conditions that affect the neck, spine and back. Regular chiropractic care helps your body get back to its natural state and restore your health.

If you already suffer from tech neck, chiropractic care will help too. It focuses on healing the nervous system of the stress caused by using technology. It helps to realign the spine while improving the release of pain-relieving chemicals. We offer services like treatment for neck and back pain. Our chiropractors are trained and familiar with the symptoms of tech neck and will be able to help you resolve these issues.