Neck or Back Pain Treatment

Pain Relief with Proof

Are you looking for chiropractor near you that can provide you with RELIEF and proof that your spinal condition has improved or is fixed? If you don’t know if your neck or back is fixed or improving, you are wasting your time, effort, and money – all of which are very important. Simple pain relief can be provided with various treatments, but how do you know they actually treat the root cause of the issue? You don’t. At our office, you will not only feel relief, but we can visually show you with an X-Ray that your spinal condition is improving. Very few treatments can visually show you that you are becoming healthier. Choosing a healthcare provider is a big decision that you should not take lightly.

Lower Back Pain Management

At RejuvenX we believe that education is a big part of our patients’ success. On visit one we will do a head to toe examination, history, consultation, x-rays if necessary, and verify your insurance for you. We ask that you give all of the chiropractors time to review your case that evening to determine whether or not you are a candidate for chiropractic care. On your second visit with us we will outline exactly what is causing your problem, how long it will take to correct your problem, and what your insurance covers and what it does not cover. If you are qualified and have been accepted as a patient, we will begin care at that same appointment. Not everyone is a candidate, find out if you qualify for one of our treatment options.

Why Run All Over When All of Your Testing Can Be Done Here!

Some of the testing that our offices perform includes:

  • X-Ray
  • Muscle Function Testing
  • Orthopedic Evaluations
  • Neurological Evaluations
  • Pharmacogenetic Testing (this test determines whether the medications you take are compatible with your body based on your genetics) A must for everyone!!

The team at RejuvenX, in our offices throughout Florida, is here to help you reach your healthcare goals. Call us for help today.

Imagine a Medical Office Where You Feel Cared For And The Doctors Listen

At RejuvenX we offer a number of different medical services to our patients. Our integrated team is here to help you achieve the best long-term outcome.


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