Manage Herniated Discs With Chiropractic Care

Manage Herniated Discs With Chiropractic Care

Looking for relief from the pain caused by a herniated disc? Regardless of whether you are experiencing physical or neurological symptoms, chiropractic treatment will alleviate the pain and bring you on the road towards recovery. Given that herniated discs can be the result of varying factors or injuries, comprehensive testing and evaluation are required for the chiropractor to determine the appropriate treatment plan. Postural rehabilitation is one such technique that focuses on long-term pain relief and the reinvigoration of the spine and its range of motion.

Postural Rehabilitation Techniques for Herniated Discs

Herniated discs can pose problems with your posture, resulting in unpleasant symptoms such as pain and soreness. If these symptoms are not addressed in a timely fashion, you might find yourself experiencing chronic pain and other unwanted complications. RejuvenX’s postural rehabilitation treatments are built upon the Pettibon system which targets damaged muscle tissues with the goal of posture and spine correction. This advanced form of neuromuscular chiropractic care also helps with overall spinal muscle strengthening by incorporating warm-up exercises and specialized adjustment techniques depending on your specific condition.

Cervical Traction

Having a herniated disc in your neck can impair nerve sensation and cause pain in not only the neck but also the arms and shoulders. Cervical traction is a form of physical therapy that involves the stretching of the neck. The gentle pulling force helps to separate the spaces between the disc and joints in your neck (also referred to as the cervical spine), relieving neck pain and pressure on the spine.

Some benefits of cervical traction include:

  • Regeneration of disc space
  • Restoration of disc function
  • Improvement of neck curvature and reduced pain
  • Rehydration of the degenerated disc
  • A faster rate of healing

Therapeutic Wobble Chair

The wobble chair is no ordinary chair, for it is designed for those dealing with stiff, sore, and painful backs. Unlike inflatable balance balls, this special chair allows users to undertake a full range of motion, which is key in the rehydration and regeneration of herniated spinal discs. Other than an improvement in your spinal condition, the wobble chair also does damage control for those with arthritis or degenerative disc disease by promoting healing of the lower spine.

It also allows for the active circulation of cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Restoring the flow and pressure of this nutrient-rich fluid into the compromised spinal disc enables the smooth elimination of waste products and greatly enhances one’s mental and physical wellbeing. A healthy neurovascular system leads to an improvement in your mood and attention span. Who wouldn’t want to reap such benefits?

Get Chiropractic Care from RejuvenX 

If that herniated disc of yours is giving you a hard time, schedule a consultation with our experienced team at RejuvenX and let us devise the most suitable treatment methods for you. We offer an extensive range of chiropractic services with a focus-based approach for your individual ailments and concerns.


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