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Harold L.

So far so good. I've never seen a chiropractor's office as well equipped as this. The personnel are very friendly and the doctors are very thorough. Dr. Sewert did a complete history, exam, and Xrays. Next week I'll find out if they can help my situation. I'm very hopeful!

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Warrington E.

I have been with RejuvenX for many years. Over a decade to be exact. We have become like family! And like family, they have taught me many things that I still practice, and apply and share today! Their level of professionalism is outstanding. I recommend RejuvenX to anyone that is willing to take Chiropractic care seriously with a willing spirit to find out the truth - not just about our spine, but in health holistically.

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Rose M.

Being a nurse for 46 years involved lots of lifting and pulling. The pain was, in the hospital's eyes, "an occupational hazard ". For me, it was devastating, especially in my lower back. I've been coming here for about 2 months and the results are amazing! The staff is conscientious and Dr. Garcia is compassionate and understanding. Hats off to this wonderful group!

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dp h.

I've been going there for over a year. They really helped me to walk pain-free from my hip and back problems. Now, I visit monthly and the staff is always super friendly and helpful!

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Betty Y.

I'm a skeptic when it comes to chiropractics. But the staff at RejuvenX is exceptional. Although I'm not completely healed. ( 1st visit) I am able to cope a bit better after the initial visit. I look forward to a relationship with this team.