What To Expect After Visiting Your Chiropractor

Most people visit chiropractors when they are looking for some form of healing, for example from muscle stiffness, or to reduce pain in the back and neck. Chiropractic services can help facilitate the recovery of those who have been in accidents, or experience recurring pain like migraines or headaches. Chiropractic professionals are very experienced with the nervous system and the skeletal system, and are able to provide comprehensive care to all their clients. Is it possible to feel worse after coming out of a chiropractic session? Read on to find out!


When you visit your chiropractor to get an adjustment, the chiropractor is essentially helping to move your vertebrae. Muscles may either lengthen or shorten by a little bit in order to adjust to how your bone has moved. This soreness is more often related to the movement of the bone within the body, and not to the amount of pressure that the chiropractic practitioner uses. Another reason why people may feel soreness is because tight muscles have released their tension, and the muscles are starting to get repaired. When you go for more frequent chiropractic adjustments, your body will grow increasingly used to getting adjusted. This means that you will gradually feel less soreness as it becomes a more familiar motion for the body.

Feeling Unwell

In some cases, people can start to feel unwell and sick after visiting the chiropractor. This is because when adjustments are made to your body, it stimulates and jumpstarts your entire immune system. Your immune system will then work hard to clear out waste and toxins at maximum efficiency. Hence, this could lead to people feeling unwell, such as having instances of cough, sneezing, runny nose or even colds. This entire process is merely your body signalling to you that it is working hard to rid yourself of the nasty things.

Changes in the Digestion System 

Another surprising reaction people get after visiting the chiropractor is feeling some digestive change within the body. It could be very surprising and unexpected. However, the reason why people may feel this way is because the digestive system is connected directly to the lower back’s vertebrae. As such, when it gets adjusted, it may affect bowel movements. People who struggle with digestive issues or other ailments like IBS and constipation may also find that regular chiropractic adjustment sessions help them to see more frequent and smoother bowel movements. On the other hand, those with healthy bowel movements may sometimes experience a disruption in bowel movement. If you find yourself experiencing this, you may approach your doctor to understand more and to see if the impact is long-lasting or only short-term.

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