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Dealing With Middle Back Pain After Car Accident

If you have ever been involved in a car accident, you will know how stressful it can be to deal with the aftermath. From filing insurance claims to handling all the legal red tape, you may have ignored the middle back pain you are feeling on a subconscious level. However, middle back pain isn’t something to be taken lightly. Compared to pain in your lower back, it’s more likely to be serious. In this article, we share with you more about how you should deal with middle back pain after a car accident.

Understanding Middle Back Pain

Did you know that your middle back is less prone to injury than your lower back, since that area of your back is more rigid and structured? So, if you are experiencing middle back pain, that points to something serious. This could be:

  • Whiplash, where your neck is pushed out of its normal alignment that accommodates the curve of your spine.
  • A strain or sprain which is caused by tearing or overstretching of your muscle. This can result in swelling and inflammation. Because strains and sprains can’t be spotted on an X-ray, it is important to seek out chiropractic care to diagnose and receive treatment for it.
  • Vertebral injuries, such as an injured or ruptured disc. The discs in your spine work to lubricate the movements that take place in the back, and any injury or damage can get worse with time. 
  • A pinched root in your spine or back can result in irritation which is felt in your midback. Symptoms include pain, tingling, and numbness. 

Treating Middle Back Pain

The wisest thing to do after you have been involved in a car accident is to get checked out by a professional chiropractor. Even if you are not experiencing pain at the moment, symptoms can take weeks to set in and by then, you may not be able to make an insurance claim.

Below are some treatment methods for middle back pain:

  • Apply ice packs to reduce inflammation and soothe the pain.
  • Although rest is necessary for recovering after an accident, resting too much can cause the muscles to relax and settle into their “new” position.
  • A range of treatments and therapies include posture rehab, laser therapy, pain management, and more.

Our Professional Team at RejuvenX Can Treat Your Middle Back Pain

At RejuvenX, we offer car accident aftercare services for patients who are experiencing middle back pain, whiplash, muscle soreness, and a variety of other injuries. When you first come to us, we will conduct a thorough evaluation of your condition before recommending the most suitable treatment options. Instead of relying on pain medications, come to RejuvenX where we target the problem at its root cause and allow you to regain the widest possible range of motion. To schedule an appointment at any one of our five locations across Florida, please feel free to contact us today.