Should Seniors Seek Chiropractic Care For Back Pain?

Seniors often find that with old age, the problem of back pain becomes increasingly intolerable and that it can greatly influence their comfort and quality of life. As such, many would recommend seniors with back pain to seek professional treatment such as chiropractic treatment. But is chiropractic treatment safe for seniors? What exactly are the benefits of chiropractic treatment? This guide aims to walk you through just that.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Seniors?

For problems relating to back pain, chiropractic care for the elderly is among the safest methods of treatment. After treatment, minor side effects that can last up to 3 days are common, mostly consisting of muscle stiffness and soreness. These are similar side effects to the kinds you get when starting a new exercise program. There is a smaller risk of side effects caused by chiropractic treatment than medications for the same condition. However, should you discover any worrying side effects, you should immediately discuss them with your chiropractor immediately.

What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Treating Low Back Pain in Older Adults?

  • Reduction of side effect risks – As mentioned previously, one can avoid side effects caused by medications prescribed for pain relief by using chiropractic care instead. In America, addiction to the Opioid drug is a serious problem. Therefore, nondrug therapies such as chiropractic treatment can greatly reduce the rate of such drug addictions in the States.
  • Natural treatment – Majority of seniors find that they have at least chronic condition. As such, it is crucial for seniors to find relief from treatment that will not have adverse side effects on them.
  • Increased quality of life – By helping the patient develop a proper range of motion in daily movements, it can greatly enhance seniors’ quality of life. Chiropractic treatment helps loosen the body and prevent stiffness, which is often associated with old age.
  • Lower risk of falls – Chiropractors can help advise seniors on stretching and daily exercises that they can do to greatly improve stabilizer muscles, which help seniors have a greater control of movement. This is essential as it helps lower the risk of falls, which can be extremely dangerous for seniors.

What should I Tell a Chiropractor about my Medical History, Medications, and Spinal Condition?

Chiropractors will be trained to question patients about their medical history, such as past surgeries or injuries. You might be asked to fill in a form, or the doctor might ask you these questions in person. Should there be anything that seems to be left out, be sure to inform your chiropractor, even if it might not feel important to you – it might be.

Before choosing a chiropractor, many people usually want to first talk to the chiropractor either by way of phone or email. This is essential for patients to understand the chiropractor’s expertise and approach. If you are planning your first visit to the chiropractor, we would be more than happy to help. Here at RejuvenX, a team of highly trained professionals are able to guide you to the next steps ahead in your treatment journey. Contact us to find out more now!