What Techniques Do Chiropractors Use For Neck Pain?

Neck pain is a common ailment that affects people today. Chiropractors make use of various techniques to address neck pain. If a client does not like the cracking sound or feeling during adjustment, then gentle chiropractic techniques may be used instead of traditional techniques.

Common Techniques

  • Cervical mobilization

The client lies down and remains relaxed while the chiropractor moves the vertebra of the neck manually. The chiropractor alternates between side-to-side movement and a figure 8 movement, applied using various degrees of moving one’s head forward, backward, to the sides and in rotation. The smooth movement aims to reduce fixations or places where there are restricted movements between the cervical spinal segments.

  • Cervical manual traction

The client lies facing up or sitting down. They less commonly adopt a prone position. The chiropractor pulls on the client’s neck gently, to stretch the cervical spine to vary the angle between flexion and extension. This is to test the comfort levels and search for the ideal angle to resolve the tightness efficiently. Mobilization is often added on to this technique, doing both at the same time or switching between them.

  • Cervical “drop” techniques

The client lies on a prone position or lying sideways on a table where the head drop-piece is being elevated into a fixed position. The chiropractor will place his or her hand over the segment of the spine that requires adjustment. Medium to high velocity, thrust of low amplitude or a gradual increasing pressure downward is. The aim is to remove the restricted motion of the cervical vertebra. Usually, no rotation or twisting of the head or neck is used in traditional adjustment techniques and the “crack” sensation may not be experienced with this method.

Gentle Chiropractic Techniques

Gentle chiropractic techniques do not usually make use of quick rotations but instead uses a smooth, slow stretch. A chiropractor may choose to make use of gentle chiropractic techniques instead of the traditional low-amplitude, high velocity method for a variety of reasons listed below:

  • Patient preference

There are patients who are uncomfortable with the traditional manipulation that uses high-velocity thrust manipulation. They may prefer a method that does not involve twisting of the neck or the “popping” of joints.

  • Provider experience

Certain chiropractors prefer one technique instead of another because they have more experience with applying that technique. Most chiropractors use many different techniques and will often adapt their methods to the needs and preferences of the client.

  • Contraindications

Some clients are unable to stand the traditional chiropractic adjustment because of past experiences. In cases where an injury has led to spinal instability or in the case of having severe osteoporosis, cervical manipulation may not be ideal.

A combination of methods is frequently being used, together with adjunctive therapy like exercise, for chiropractic management of pain in the cervical spine.

To address neck pain issues, do seek treatment for neck pain. Our chiropractors at RejunvenX are trained and familiar with addressing neck pain and will be able to help you resolve these issues. Feel free to contact us to make an appointment today!