Should You See A Chiropractor Or Physician After A Car Accident?


What constitutes a bad day? Well, for starters, you might get injured in a car accident. That’s a bad way to start or end a day. If that happens, what do you do? To get treatment for your injuries, who should you visit? So that, post-accident, you can reduce pain and regain mobility, you want to find the right medical professional.

The question now becomes: chiropractor or physician? There is also acupuncture, massage therapy, and holistic treatments that might help you, as the victim of a car accident. So many choices!

Choosing a Chiropractor

You have two options if you’re looking to treat injuries and reduce pain in your spine, nerves, ligaments, muscles, or soft tissue. This reverts to the initial question of a chiropractor or physician. Exploratory surgeries and the use of drugs constitute the two main differences between these professionals. Visit a chiropractor if you want an all-natural treatment program. Recovering addicts, expectant mothers, and many others are interested in treatments that avoid dangerous and/or toxic drugs.

To help your body against future injuries and illness, preventative care will also be received when you visit a chiropractor. Your immunity can be boosted through regular chiropractic adjustments. To provide treatment before any pain sets in, a chiropractor can also identify injuries in their early stages.

Chiropractic Treatment

You will receive surgery-free, drug-free treatment when you seek care from a chiropractor post auto accident. For any procedure, you will not be put to sleep (no surgeries will be involved), nor will you be given painkillers. Chiropractors provide treatment without using invasive methods.

What is the focus of a chiropractor? Answer: Where integrated medicine is concerned, they’re more concentrated on a holistic approach. This includes identifying pain and poor health conditions that may point to an injury.

There is a wealth of benefits when you get a chiropractic adjustment, which also separates them from physicians. Throughout your body, the circulation of nutrients is increased, courtesy of the chiropractor adjusting your musculoskeletal system. This way, your body can more efficiently heal and recover from your injuries.

Treatment by a Physician

To treat auto accident injuries, conventional medicine is used by a physician (i.e., antibiotics, painkillers, surgery, etc.). General anesthesia can enter the picture if surgery is needed. What are the main priorities for the physician? Answer: Treat the current injury and alleviate pain. What a physician will ordinarily not do, however, is consider any injuries that might come up at a later date or any circumstantial injuries. That can include muscle pain, late-onset whiplash, and more.

After an Accident, See a Chiropractor at RejuvenX Spine and Joint

If, following a car accident, you are experiencing back or neck pain, see a chiropractor. We have a team of trained, experienced professionals.

At RejuvenX Spine and Joint, we offer postural rehab, pain management, robotic laser treatment, chiropractic services, auto accident aftercare, back or neck pain treatment, arthritis care, and more. Let us make a positive difference in your life, relieve your pain, and supply you with useful spine and joint care knowledge.

We have locations in the following Florida cities: Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Bradenton, Fort Myers, and Charlotte. For more information or to make an appointment, fill out our convenient online form.

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