Understanding Knee Pain Caused By Cycling


You might find yourself feeling pretty sore after a long bike ride. It’s a good kind of pain, but pain nonetheless. Biking enthusiasts may even relish the pain in some way. But what if it lingers on and on, and the soreness doesn’t go away. Is it something more serious? How do you know?

Knee pain caused by cycling might be, if it doesn’t go away over time, a bad sign. A bigger problem could be indicated, so when symptoms such as knee pain arise, it’s good to pay attention.

For pain relief, there are numerous methods. Whether general wear and tear is the cause of your knee pain, a biking injury, or something else entirely causing your discomfort, a chiropractor could be the answer to your woes.

Knee Pain after Cycling – What’s the Story There?

Particularly if you are an injured runner, biking is a great low-impact exercise as opposed to pounding the pavement. That said, however, in any number of people, it can cause knee pain. From time to time, sore knees are a problem with lots of cyclists. If, after every pedal stroke, however, you are wincing, it’s time to figure out what’s causing your pain.

Overuse might be the simple cause of knee pain after cycling. However, in some people, damage to tendons and joints or structural abnormalities might cause knee pain. After biking, here are some of the most common causes of knee pain:

  • Chondromalacia patella (break down of under-the-kneecap cartilage)
  • Tendinosis and tendinitis (in the tendon connecting your shinbone to your kneecap, tiny stress tears)
  • PFPS or patellofemoral pain syndrome (a.k.a. runners’ knee)
  • Simple overuse

What to Do About Knee Pain after Cycling

To treat pain, a specialist who is well trained should rely on a natural, comprehensive approach. What does that mean? Before turning to surgical interventions, they should try minimally invasive or non-invasive treatments to target your pain source. The big picture needs to be looked at by a doctor/medical professional.

From non-invasive to minimally invasive, here are some of the most common methods of treatment:

  • Genicular nerve block
  • Spinal cord stimulation
  • Knee joint injections
  • Chiropractic care
  • ART (active release techniques)
  • Physical therapy

Of course, preventing knee pain altogether would be preferable over treating it once it occurs. If you’re experiencing knee pain, check out your bicycle set up, take a break from cycling, and see if your pain improves. A poor fitting bike can end up causing knee pain (for example, the seat is too low or too high). Ask for a professional fit at a bicycle shop if you’re in doubt. Other personal factors that may be taken into effect can include the following:

  • Your typical biking routine
  • Riding style
  • Your personal fitness level

Where to Get Chiropractic Care If You’re Experiencing Knee Pain after Cycling

At RejuvenX Spine and Joint, we have an explicit goal. In the lives of each and every one of our clients, we constantly strive to make a positive difference. We do this by supplying them with useful joint and spine care knowledge and by relieving their pain.

Through the implementation of a natural approach, we treat muscle and joint pain. With a specialized focus on pain treatment, we employ an experienced team of hard-working professionals. But we don’t stop there. We have also established a physical rehabilitation and medicine clinic in an endeavor to help other nationwide medical professionals.

We have locations in the following Florida cities: West Palm Beach, Bradenton, Fort Myers, Royal Palm Beach, and Charlotte.

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